Hospitour, with the awareness of the existence of every person's right to receive quality health care. It has adopted the principle of providing quality and reliable health services to everyone. In line with this principle, it ensures that every person receives quality, reliable, fast and easy service in the international arena. Turkey has an important place in the global health tourism market with its geopolitical location, quality services and reasonable price policies. Hospitour, by promoting the advantage of our country's geopolitical location, reasonable price policy and quality services in the field of international health tourism services. It aims to strengthen Turkey's image in the field of health tourism. At the same time, Hospitour contributes to the promotion of Turkey's cultural heritage.
Hospitour provides its users with information about their health visa, where they can easily plan medical treatment, accommodation, travel and vacations, where they can benefit from escort & nursing home services, where they can see the nearest pharmacy using the pharmacy location service, and health tourists; It offers a digital platform where patients can benefit from special discounts in textile, food, car rental and cultural expenditures, and where patients who benefit from treatment services can be closely followed and directed during the treatment process.
With these features, HOSPITOUR offers its users fast, safe and affordable treatment opportunities; It offers all the services they may need in their treatment processes in Turkey through a single platform, with the aim of high customer satisfaction.

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With the strength we derive from Turkey's health system & capacity, qualified workforce in the health sector, geopolitical advantages, cultural heritage and affordable price policy,

We aim to strengthen Turkey's potential image in the field of health tourism.

By becoming the world's first digital health tourism platform, which is reliable and easy to use in the Health Tourism sector, our country will reach its target of 2 million health tourists in 2023.

play an important role in reaching

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To be one of the leading companies in the Turkish health tourism market and to become the world's most successful and innovative brand in the international health tourism market.

Our Values

   innovation                                          Work Ethic                                              Sustainability                                              Customer Focused Service                             Service Diversity                                           Reliability

Doktor ve Hasta

Our Story

HOSPITOUR contains the basic building blocks of the sector serving. “Hospi” means hospital while “tour” means. All the services of these two participants within our coming together brands are services for users.

Our Partners

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Accredited Hospitals

We Work with International Accredited Hospitals and Clinics...

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